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Can I do this?

What do I want to build?

Do I build static or radio control?

Where do I start?


Getting started in model shipbuilding is easier than ever. There is equipment and materials available to accomplish just about anything you can think to do. The hardest part is getting past these first few questions


Can I do this? If you can follow a recipe or basic instructions you can build any entry-level kit boat. As your skills improve you can acquire more challenging kits or begin scratch building models from plans or your own imagination.


What do I want to build? What catches your eye? Is it a Tugboat with a string of barges moving up the River Tyne, or a sleek yacht motoring away to the horizon, a squat and powerful tugboat pushing a freighter to the dock, or is it a menacing looking warship patrolling the sea-lanes. If you have a type of vessel youíre drawn to thatís where you should start.


Do I build static or radio control? This is an important one. If you like things mechanical and there is a place near you to operate R/C might be the way for you. If you like meticulous detail, static is the way to go. Small details tend to take a beating on a R/C boat. You also have to make compromises to the mechanics, which may detract from high detail.


Where do I start? Pick up and read some of the hobby publications available. Talk to your local hobby dealer. Find other modellers in your area. Research is the key to success. When you have a good idea of what you want and how to get it the battle is half over. When you finish that first project don't hide it in the attic. Show it to other modellers and get their opinions. With very few exceptions you will get an honest and constructive critique of your efforts. Don't be afraid of a honest critique of your work. I have always been a harsher critic of my models than others are. Most modellers will remember when they were in your shoes and will give you the benefit of their experience. Go out, get started, and have fun.