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Offshore Sailing
Published by Sea Cow Games

Age Group: Age 8 and Up
Type: More Fun
License: free demo


See if you can make it through this aquatic race course. Use the sails to zigzag your way to the lighthouse and back. Luckily, the trip back from the lighthouse will put the wind at your back, but it's still a trick to navigate the course with no easily accessible map.

Keep an eye on the direction and steer and tack into the wind to make the boat go faster. Learn the very basics of sailing with this virtual ocean navigator.

Download Details

Windows 98 or higher, 3D graphics card (highly recommended), DirectX 8.0 or higher, Pentium II 300MHz or higher, sound card, mouse

Filename: offshoresailing.zip

Filesize: 3.7 MB

Download Sites: