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Water Proof Servo's:

Simple Fish!

Moulding the sea for a small-scale model!

Ballast Problem!

Simulated Smoke.


Water Proof Servo's:

A standard servo can be near waterproofed by releasing the joins very slightly and rubbing silicon sealant in to them (just enough to cover the jointing surfaces) and under the screw heads before tightening it up again and allowing to set. The top where the drive shaft exits should be treated with a silicon based grease. So long as the shaft exit is regreased regularly the servo will remain waterproof for a long time. Not only is this a lot cheaper than a waterproof servo but the seals can easily be replaced.

Simple Fish!

After looking round model shops for “fish” for my model fishing boat the Elke without much success, I came across this idea while looking round the house. I took some long grain rice sprayed them with silver spray and to my surprise! miniature cod! It really look the part. Need fish for a model give this one a try! Editor.

Moulding the sea for a small-scale model

Border the edge of the wood base with square beading, say quarter inch, thus forming a shallow tray. Fill the tray with plasticine which can be softened in a microwave oven. Form the sea shape by rolling a fairly large marble or ballbearing on it. Cut out the hole to fit the ship. Remove ship when it is a perfect fit. Mask off wooden edging with masking tape. Using Humbrol gloss paint, paint main sea colour (I use a medium blue). Whilst still wet paint troughs a darker blue and add white caps, bow wave and wake. Because it is still wet, the colours will run into each other giving a very realistic sea effect.

For examples, see 'models' section of

Plasticine is permanent and actually goes hard over the years. Models I built thirty years ago using this method are still OK. Bob Wilson

Ballast Problem

One method, not my invention I hasten to add but does serve the purpose in ballasting small models is:-
Aquire a small quantity of lead pellets place them in a plastic bag, mix a user friendly glue like Cascamite pour into the plastic bag and place any were in the hull were the ballast is needed. When set it is now the shape of the hull and easily removable. As I say, whoever thought of this Idea needs a pat on the back I have tried it and it works.
Dave Wooley

Simulate Smoke

Has anyone used Incense sticks to simulate smoke from a boiler?  A few, tied together, should produce enough smoke even for large models.

Mosquito repellant ( Army / Navy Stores) is also a handy tip, has a down side in that it smells a bit!